Vangie Te’i-Barrington

Board Member

Vangie Te’i – Barrington is passionate about everything she does.  She puts at least 110% of her efforts into communicating, fundraising, being a team player and most importantly doing it for the kids.  Her core strengths include being able to communicate in a timely manner, provide parents with detailed information, and to ensure parents understand that she is her to help make a difference.  Vangie is always around to provide support, guidance, accept feedback and offer suggestions to improve everyone’s experience.

Vangie is a people person and love meeting new faces. She loves hearing feedback, suggestions on what can be done better and offer new ideas.  Being a part of Oceanside Pop Warner fulfills her desire to belong to something greater than herself and give back to the community that she loves so much.  She is her for the children and will do everything in her power to make a difference in their lives.

Vangie spent 3 seasons as a Team Parent, 1 season as a Team Manager, and her season as just a parent in 2014.  She also spent 2 seasons with NFL Flag 60 and 1 season with FNL (Friday Night Lights) where her team made it to the Championships (out of 40 teams in the division).

I am proud to be a part of a team, to represent OPW and to make a difference.