Linh Pollack

VP of Cheer

Linh has been a part of the Oceanside Pop Warner family since 2011, when she took her then five-year old daughter to practice to learn how to be a cheerleader. Since that time, Linh has filled various roles within the Oceanside Pop Warner family that includes 1 season as a Team Parent, 2 seasons as an Assistant Cheer Coach, 3 seasons as the Assistant Cheer Coordinator and now Vice President of Cheer/Cheer Coordinator for the 2017 season.  Linh has also volunteered to serve the additional duties as webmaster (3 season previously) and social media coordinator (1 season).

Linh is very familiar with Cheer specific needs, rules, regulations, and areas for improvements.  She plans to work collectively with the Executive Board, Board Members, Coaches, Parents, and Participants to improve and grow the OPW Cheer program.  Her skills include organization, time management, and a pro-active hands-on approach to resolving programs.

Using her 15+ years in administrative experience in the civilian sector and military experience in the Army Reserves, Linh has dedicated, and will continue to dedicate, countless hours to ensure the continuity of the Oceanside Pop Warner program for both cheerleaders and football players. She has both a cheerleader and football player participating in Pop Warner program.

Linh currently holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Intelligence Studies. Linh is an administrative associate and executive assistant for a wealth financial planning firm. In the military, Linh is a military intelligence professional.