Jeannette Fonoti


Jeannette has been part of the Oceanside Pop Warner for the past seven years.  Throughout her time as a parent, she has seen the best and worst of what this organization has to offer.  As a parent of both a football player and cheerleader, Vincent and Bella Grace, Jeannette’s experience has provided a meaningful perspective of how to help both areas to not only make the Oceanside Pop Warner program better but to improve and enhance the experience of every participant, coach, volunteer, and parent.  This is why she decided to run for the President seat for the 2016 season.

First and foremost Jeannette is extremely proud to be a part of the OPW Board.  She believe that each and every one of our current board members added value in their own way. More importantly, she feels that we as a team have come together and made many more strides than prior years.

My mission as President in the years to come will revolve and focus around three key tenets:

  1. Ensure we continue to give timely and valuable Communication. However not only one-way communication, but provide forums to allow questions with consistent answers.
  1. In that communication; it is so imperative we Message the “WHY!”  Expressing the “WHY” will help with our transparency, consistency and simply answer many questions from the beginning.
  1. Establish Structured processes. Use each and every experience good or bad to add to the process. All end results should result in getting better for our kids, which is “why” we are here!

Jeannette’s professional experience includes 14 years in the banking industry, where she spent the last 8 as a Bank Manager.  Her Youth Sports experience includes 3 years as a Business Manager, 2 years as the OPW Little Scholar Representative, and 3 years as the OPW Executive Secretary. The 2017 season will be Jeannette’s 2nd year as the league’s President.