Palomar Conference: D1 – D2 – D3

Our teams compete in one of the best run and most competitive youth football conferences in the country – Palomar Conference.  Last season, Palomar Conference had more than 200 teams and 5,000 youth participants.

At the tackle divisions above Mitey Mite, the Palomar Conference teams will play in either a Division 2 (“D2”) or Division 3 (“D3”) bracket of teams from that level, with teams in the D2 bracket generally being better, faster, stronger and more experienced than those in the D3 bracket.  D2 teams are also teams who wish to be on a national playoff track to Walt Disney World in Florida. Teams in either bracket are eligible for local play-offs and Palomar Conference and regional championship games if their records so permit. The D3 bracket is intended to develop football skills while giving more playing opportunity to less experienced players than they might otherwise receive at the D2 level.

The most competitive youth football in San Diego will be played at the D2 level in our Palomar Conference.  The “D1” or “D2” label of one league or another in most respects are meaningless.  Palomar Conference in the past has called its best teams D1.  Starting in 2010, Palomar Conference will call those teams D2.  But, the change from D1 to D2 doesn’t change that the best coaches and players from different Pop Warner programs will still be all together and playing in Palomar Conference.  What the division is called this year doesnt change the fact that Palomar Conference has a long tradition of excellence and includes other well-established and successful programs from the following areas:  Poway, Penasquitos, Scripps Ranch, Rancho Bernardo, Escondido, La Costa Canyon, Carlsbad, Vista, San Marcos, Temecula, Torrey Pines, Murrieta Valley, and Wildomar. There is no higher caliber of football in San Diego County than Palomar Conference Pop Warner.

Players are assigned to rosters based on the Player Evaluations.