Cheer Music Policy Changes

Hello OPW Families

This year is the flagship year for the music changes in Cheer.

In previous years, the OPW Cheer & Dance program was able to use any type of music for our cheer and dance routines.  This was especially vital for our competitions that the girls engage in.  However, this year, OPW will now comply with the regulatory changes in music usage.  In other words, copyright permission to use songs in music compilations for our competitions.

Please understand that the changes in the music policy DOES NOT change how cheer practices and games will be ran.  We will just need to be a little bit more cognizant on what type of music and from which vendor that the music was purchased from.

Oceanside Pop Warner was notified of this music change in July.  For the past several weeks, the Board of Directors were waiting on what the final verdict and which course of action we need to do as a league in order to ensure our Cheer & Dance program runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.  After long research, the league will comply with the new changes set by Pop Warner National and Cheer USA.  The biggest impact for us will be the new, additional financial burden.

The Board of Directors did not budget music cost prior to the season beginning.  Our program’s budget is usually established in February.  Therefore, money to the run the program has been spent or is earmarked for a planned, upcoming expense.  Normally, the league will adjust spending or registration fees to cover the program cost.  As this was a last minute notice, the best the league can do now is to ask each cheer team to fundraise or seek donations to help offset the music cost.

We ask every parent and family member to be understanding of this new requirement.

Thank you!

Oceanside Board of Directors

(1) Below is a list of useful links for those that would like to know more about the issue.

  • Donation Application to help offset cost.  Click HERE.
  • WESCON Music Policy & FAQ.  Click HERE.
  • Pop Warner Music Policy & FAQ. Click HERE.
  • USA Cheer Music Announcement.  Click HERE.
  • USA Cheer Music Copyright Educational Initiative.  Click HERE.
  • USA Cheer FAQ. Click HERE.
  • USA Cheer Music Guidelines.  Click HERE.

(2) The most frequently asked question is whether or not we can use mixed cheer music from Legitmix.  The answer is “no”.  Below is USA Cheer’s response that is frequently asked by many organizations:

We and our member organizations receive many inquiries about whether mixes purchased from a company known as “Legitmix” comply with the USA Cheer Music Guidelines.  To be sure, music purchased from Legitmix does not comply with USA Cheer Music Guidelines.  Presenting proof of purchase from Legitmix will not satisfy the USA Cheer Music Guidelines. Purchases made from a preferred provider of music that include any portion of a Legitmix product will not comply with USA Cheer Music Guidelines nor will music for which permission has not been secured from the owner of all the recordings and all the publishers.

Basically, the use of any popular or third party recordings without licenses from the owners of the recordings and the owners of all the publishing rights, regardless of who sells that music, is prohibited.

Link: Click HERE.

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