2016 OPW Board Election Results

We would like to Congratulate the following Candidates on winning the 2016 OPW Board elections:
  1. Executive President : Jeannette Fonoti
  2. Executive Vice President of Football: Paul Garcia
  3. Executive Secretary: Cristina Mendoza
  4. Executive Treasurer: Phil Spencer
  5. Cheer Player Agent: Nancy Cuellar
  6. Business Manager: Frances Avila
  7. Little Scholar Representative:  Ben Mitsuno
  8. Snack Bar Coordinator: Vivian Mitsuno
  9. Asst. VP of Football: Va’a Fonoti
  10. Asst. Cheer Coordinator: Linh Pollack
  11. Equipment Manager: Mark Moyer
  12. Field Maintenance: Larry McKenzie
  13. Sponsorships/Grant Writer:  Valeina Jack
 We would like to Thank all Candidates for running!! Without the dedication from all, we would not have an OPW.
This is the first time in quite awhile, we have had all OPW board positions filled and we are thankful for parents wanting to get involved!! We are looking forward to a great 2016!!




Thank you.


2015 OPW Board of Directors

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